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When they disconnected my Xfinity panel it started beeping every hour (presumably as a way of announcing it still existed). Next hook up the sensor again but remove the wires from the sensor and twist them together (to eliminate the sensor).

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It sound remarkably similar to the new one and not too far apart so . If you can auto-enroll by disconnecting the twisted wires (to simulate a fault), your problem is with your sensor/magnet.

How to wire my <b>Honeywell</b> <b>HZ311</b> zone panel and transformer to

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If you can then remove one end of the resistor (simulating a zone fault) when in the serial number page for auto-enrolling a zone, and the panel beeps to respond, you know the 5800C2W and the zone terminals are good.

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First, disconnect the entire zone from the C2W and attach a resistor across the two zone terminals you are using and then calibrate.Honeywell Zoning Products More Choices, More Solutions - Gemaire

Honeywell hz311 installation manual:

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