Why manual transmissions make noise

Manual transmission makes noise when in

When I got a manual transmission car (2003 Kia Rio) I noticed that it makes a winding sound in the reverse gear.

Is it normal for a manual transmission car to

Here is an example video that I found that demonstrates the sound. v=mi2t_VT6YWg Why do manual transmission cars make this noise in reverse gear? In manual transmissions, the reverse gears use a different type of gear teeth than forward gears.

Common <strong>Noises</strong> Your Transmission Mht

Manual Transmission Grinding Noise

Forward gears are helical gears, which have teeth that are pointed at an angle.

Why does my manual transmission car make a

When the gears rotate, most of the load is evenly spread due to the angles.Find Answers to Transmission Noises at

Why manual transmissions make noise:

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